arti-face (ar´ti fa´s) ars,artem (stem ar-, to fit ) 

 n.Human skill or workmanship, as opposed to nature; a craft; a profession; an aquired skill; a pursuit in which the imagination or the eye is chiefly engaged. Face (fa's) Facia; the visage; the countenance; the appearance or aspect.

Welcome to arti-facemake-up

When was the last time you had a great hair cut and or colour that made you feel amazing? Or wore a piece of clothing that was beautifully cut, in a colour that you loved? Splashed out on some great lingerie that made you smile all day and no-one quite knew why?! Or even put on your best pair of 'unnecessary' shoes, just because?

Well, if not, then why not?...

It's not about taking fashion or style risks everyday. It's about doing something positive for yourself. Something that gives you a lift every time you look in the mirror and actually like what you see. It's about getting compliments out of nowhere that make your day...and learning to say ' thanks ' instead of pointing out everything else that you think is wrong!

Make - up can play a huge part in this. If you use the right colours and products that work for you, they can be enormously helpful in boosting your self confidence. Just like couture creations on the body, the right make - up, properly applied can emphasise the beauty in everyone's faces. And hide the flaws that we'd rather not show!

Inner confidence comes from a combination of many factors. Some of them exterior. And make - up is one of those, so...

Wear it. Play with it. Enjoy it!