About Me...

Hello, my name is Sarah and I'm a make-up artist who trained at The School of Make-up in Stockport, Manchester, where I received a fantastic training from some of the most talented and highly regarded make-up artists working in the industry today, who have passed on to me a strong sense of professionalism, extremely high standards, enthusiasm for the artform itself and the sheer love and enjoyment of the work.

It is after all, make - up, and should be fun!

I have had many years of experience working in the industry before I decided to become a make-up artist; working at the Citizens' Theatre in Glasgow in the wardrobe department as a costume maker, as a touring wardrobe mistress, as well as costume designer for film, making clothes for private clients and having my own range of handbags (handMAIDEN designs)

To any job that I undertake and any client that I meet, I can bring enthusiasm, experience, talent, skill and good humour.

If there is anything that you wish to discuss, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'll be happy to help, and look forward to chatting with you!

         Best Wishes,

                           Sarah Michael.

As well as contacting me through this website I can be reached by the following methods...

                    [email protected]

                    [email protected]

                    ( m ) 07754 760050 

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