Occasion Make-Up

Make - up for weddings, birthdays,anniversaries or any occasion where you want to look amazing. ' Red carpet ' events or the Christmas night out. Company dinners/corporate entertaining, to lunch with the girls. In fact, any time when you need your hair and make - up to look it's best, I can do my job so that you can do yours.

Make - Up Lesson

This isn't about teaching you how to look like a glamour - puss every day ( unless of course, that's what you want !) It's about giving you advice on products, colours, textures for your skin type and tone. What you would normally wear and how to apply it. What is and isn't doing you any favours and hopefully persuading you to try out some new ideas as well.

I will work with you to find solutions that work for you, and as I'm not affiliated to any make - up brand or manufacturer, my advice is completely impartial and tailored around you.

The Make - Up Bag Doctor

Everyone, but everyone, has stuff filling up their make - up bags that is either long past it's ' use by ' date (ladies, there is a reason why your mascara/eyeshadow/blusher has the consistency of day-old porridge...) or they have products that they've used only once (... ' but the woman at the counter was so - persuasive... ') Or perhaps you bought colours or products that you had good intentions of using but slipped back into the slightly rushed daily routine that we all have, and have never quite got round to using them regularly. And don't get me started on brushes...

I'm here to help!

I'll show you what to keep, what products are worth being in your make - up bag, and what you should really throw out...What's going to work for you and what not to waste your money on. Whatever the budget, event, or requirement, I'll guide you through it all.

Photo Shoots and Fashion Shows

Having experience of working at these type of events means that I am equally at home working on my own or as part of a team, at events big or small, locations indoors or out.

I bring hard work, creativity, an organisational ability and, I hope, some fun , to the jobs I undertake and enjoy the whole process from initial ideas to the realisation of the finished images.

A full passport and a clean drivers' licence mean that I can travel to wherever the job or client is, from the initial consultation onwards.